what I do

what I do

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Some days it takes me a really long time to write a post. I may sit down and think it will take me a half an hour and I will look at the clock and hours will have gone by. Even now, it has taken me ten minutes just to figure out how to spell mul-ti-task-ing! I checked 'spell check' and it showed that both the hyphenated and non hyphenated versions were okay. I checked the online dictionaries (two of them!) and they showed it not hyphenated. That only took a minute or two, but in the process I headed over to a couple of blogs that came up when I googled the word 'multitasking'. That is how easy it is to get distracted!
This cartoon is by Dave Walker.
Today was filled with distractions and that is not good because I have a lot going on right now. I think the hardest part of having my own design business is that it is hard to pace the work. I know how many projects I can take at one time, but sometimes they all come to the place that requires a lot of time all at once. So today I am juggling a lot of stuff that is in my head, things I am working on, and things that I need to start working on. 

My two nieces had their birthdays this week - on the same day! My sister says they are 'twins' . . . born four years apart. I had a lot of fun finding their gifts and delivering them.

My youngest niece turned fourteen and she is just full of personality. She will probably be a writer someday, or a doctor, or both. She has the same love for reading that I did at that age and she has the sweetest heart. 

My oldest niece turned the big eighteen! She is exactly where she should be at her age - living life to the fullest, embracing her senior year of high school, dreaming of college and all the possibilities that are open to her. At the same time, she is perfect right where she is!

Christmas preparations and planning are also beginning to fill my mind . . . and my spare room . . . (yes, I added more ribbon). Here is a sneak preview of what I will be blogging about next week once the Wizard of Oz party is over.

And just because I cannot get the party off my mind I had to share with you part of what I did today (besides more spray painting, more shopping for the party, refining the face painting images with my daughter who is going to be doing the painting, assisting while she made 50 witch hat cookies, researching chandeliers and sofas and returning calls and blogging and . . . Whew! That is multitasking - anyway you want to spell it.

Happy Saturday! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with all the right kind of distractions. xo


barb cabot said...

You're my right kind of distraction. I am totally in awe of all that you do and your creativity. That party is going to be incredible. Love this blog!

Anonymous said...

You are a busy girl! :-) I am SO excited to see the party pictures. You have put so much thought and time into it, I know it's going to be fabulous.

The snow IS fun to experience, but I think the perfect balance would be to live where you live and just have a place here for a short time each year just to experience it (like Thanksgiving through Jan 15). :-)