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what I do

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A perfect day

Today was one of those perfect kind of days where you don't have anywhere you have to be and you can stay in your pajamas until noon! I have not had a day off in weeks and so today was that day ... I cleaned out some drawers and organized some papers that I have neglected, worked in the yard a bit and began to prepare for Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving. For me it is a day that is all about family and being thankful for what we have. One of my family's traditions is our gratitude tree. Years ago I found a branch in our yard and stuck it in an urn and tied some photos of our family on it. It was kind of just an impromptu last minute thing and it turned out to be one of our favorite traditions. I put colorful slips of paper in a bowl and throughout the day everyone writes what they are thankful for on the little papers and we tie them on the tree with fishing line. It is such a beautiful tree and so meaningful.

This is our tree from last year with the papers still on it. I just brought it in from the garage where it was being stored and stuck in a vase. Tomorrow I will take last years papers off, hang new photos on it and cut up new slips of paper. I will probably put it in a nicer urn. 

I moved the sideboard that sits in our wide hallway into the kitchen to use for our buffet, pulled out the white hotel tablecloth to iron, and bought the turkey. We always name our turkey and this year's turkey is Kyle. I have the menu planned - a simple menu with just our favorite recipes - and I started baking our traditional cookies. 

I love these acorn cookies. They are delicious and as cute as can be!  Here is the recipe:

Tomorrow I get to spend the day with my newly married daughter - something I don't get to do as often anymore. She and I will make some leaf cookies and I will make a few cheeseballs to give to our friends and neighbors, set the table (I love the table setting!) and look forward to picking my youngest daughter who is away at school up from the airport. I am filled with gratitude.


Anonymous said...

How fun to have the day off! I love days like that. I know they don't happen often enough for most of us, but I think that's what makes us love them so much. :-)

I like your tradition, and the nice touch it adds to your decor too. I hope you have a wonderful day with your daughter, and a great Thanksgiving! (too funny that you name your turkey :-) )

Deb said...

Nice post Sherri. And I liked the one from yesterday too. Have a Happy thanksgiving...hugs to everyone. xo Debbie