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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The party!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was about to turn four. She knew that when she turned four she got to have a really big birthday party. It would be her very first birthday party ever and she would not get another big party until she turned 16. Just like her sisters before her, she got to choose the theme for her party and she chose the Wizard of Oz.

The little girl's mommy wanted the party to be very special and so she asked her interior designer friend to help with all the details. They sent out pretty invitations and invited all the little four year-olds they knew. Everyone came dressed up and the special little birthday girl was Dorothy (of course). Her mom dressed up as the Wicked Witch complete with a green face and everything and her dad was the Great Wizard. Her two big sisters joined in as the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. All of her guests came as little witches and Glindas and of course, a lot came as Dorothy too. There was even a grown-up guard and a grown-up Glinda and a cowardly lion with a curly mane and long furry tail. 

The party took place on a beautiful sunny day. The guests arrived to a real yellow brick road and walked under the rainbow to arrive in Munchkin land. Everything was bright and colorful. The little girls skipped along the yellow brick road and sang, "We're Off to See the Wizard..." 

The yellow brick road led up to the door to Emerald City and they were greeted by the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion. 

Once they entered inside, everything was green!

The little girl's mommy loved her so much and she wanted her birthday cake to be very special. She had a cake made using the little figurines from McDonald's that they found on Ebay - the entire set!

There were cupcakes for all of the four year-olds and green m&m's with the little girl's picture on them and witch hat cookies all wrapped up pretty with cellophane and ribbon. 

Balloons were everywhere and every little detail was taken care of. This was a party like none other.

Even the bathroom was decorated.

The little girls sat at special little tables and ate special food and made little bracelets with rainbow colored beads. They had rainbow salad, rainbow goldfish, rainbow jello and little tiny hot dogs just because they were the little girl's favorite!

They played pin-the-heart-on-the-tin-man, wizard-may-I? and had a lion roaring contest. They even had a wicked witch pinata! The little girl's mommy and daddy planned all the games and played them with the kids. Everyone had the best time ever!

There was a beautiful witch who painted all the little girls' faces . . .

and they got to take home a basket filled with goodies and of course, a Toto!

The little girl had a wonderful time at her party. And after all her little guests left, she curled up on her big bean bag chair and fell asleep . . . dreaming of somewhere over the rainbow.


Prizler Photography said...

I am greeeen with envy!! Love all of it! You did a fabulous job!

barb cabot said...

Sheri, You are incredible. what a memorable, unforgettable event. Love your attention to detail. Those "I'm melting m&ms" so clever.

L said...

Wow...Wow...Wow...Amazing party! I wish I were her friend. I'm sure the little girls had a wonderful time. Love how you really carried the theme throught out all the details. Memories were made that will last a lifetime. Great job!!!

Room to Inspire said...

What a fabulous party! All of the details are just perfect - I love the cupcakes!