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what I do

Friday, December 3, 2010

2 great ideas

I love giving gifts. Not expensive gifts but little things. Just something to say, "I love you. You are important to me. You are special. You matter." My favorite gifts are the kind that are homemade ... that come from the heart. It can be something simple - a tin of cookies, a framed photo that captures a special memory ... even just a letter or a poem.

I made a few of these jingle bell wreaths back in 1999 and gave them out to friends. The idea came from Martha Stewart Living and they turned out really great. They were easy to make and inexpensive. Wire, silver jingle bells and a nice ribbon is all you need. I think they are the favorite of my homemade gifts.

Form 16-gauge wire into a circle. Make a closed loop at one end with needle-nose pliers. Thread jingle bells onto the open end in any size and color combination. When the wire is full, join its ends by twisting the unlooped end into a hook, and fasten it onto the closed loop. Tie a piece of ribbon into a bow; secure it to the bottom of the wreath with 24-gauge wire.

Martha Stewart
I saw these gilded pinecones today ... aren't they gorgeous? I want to try to make these this year. Amazing what a little ribbon and gold can do! 

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh! I really like that little jingle bell wreath! It's starting to snow in earnest here right now, so jingle bells seem very appropriate. :-)

Have a great weekend, Sherri.