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what I do

Thursday, December 30, 2010

An easy gift idea

We had our final Christmas celebration tonight; a casual dinner with my husband's family. It was a very nice evening. The house was sparkling with the lights on the tree, I put a 'fire' (candles) in the fireplace, opened up some nice wine and put together a very easy meal. I loved the casual atmosphere and the fact that it didn't require a ton of work. 

While I was in Trader Joe's shopping for the dinner I saw a couple of things that caught my eye. Are you starting to notice Hot Pink (aka Honeysuckle) more now that it has been announced the color for 2011?

And it gave me an idea ...

How perfect, right? 

So this morning I wrapped up a few of these little gifts and now I have something fun and festive to give out to friends and neighbors for the New Year. I realized while I was wrapping them that one of the reasons it is so easy for me to just whip up a little gift like this is because I have all the supplies on hand that I need.  I thought I would share with you my top ten list of things that I try to always have around:

1. Cardstock - a definite must for me because any gift I give requires a tag. 

2. Cellophane. I wrap almost everything in cellophane; it is the easiest gift wrap and always looks festive. I have a large roll that is 30" wide.

3. Ribbon.  I stock up on ribbon to use just for an occasion like this. Last year I bought ALOT of turquoise ribbon. I happen to have a wholesale ribbon store nearby which helps. 

My ribbon drawer
4. A paper cutter. I think that everyone should have a good quality paper cutter. Mine is big enough to cut up to 15".

5. Back-up ink for the printer. There is nothing worse then wanting to print something creative and find that you are out of ink!

6. A good pair of scissors. I know this sounds like a no-brainer but trying to cut ribbon with a dull pair of scissors is very frustrating. I have a pair for paper and a pair for fabric.

7. Wrapping paper. I usually have at least a few rolls on hand that I can use for any occasion. Brown postal paper or white butcher paper work well too.

8. Specialty paper / cardstock in different colors & patterns. 

9. Glue sticks, double stick tape & regular Scotch tape.

10.  A hole punch. I have one with a cute scallop shape adds a little 'fun' to my tags.


Prizler Photography said...

I'm thinking all that teal will look nice with hot pink! But of course the brown with pink, and the pink with orange... hum, oh how I love color. Wrap me up in a rainbow and I'll be smiling forever!

Hamptontoes said...

Excellent post! Perfect gift and perfect presentation.