what I do

what I do

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So much to do ...

Monday's to do list:
finish bulletin board
pick up fabric for client's bench
meet with upholsterer
drop off fabric to workroom for pillows
check on painters / pick up pots left from Oz party
call electrician re: Wed.
need push pins for bulletin board
bank deposit / laundry / need cat food / clean bathrooms
finish Bible study
blog for Tuesday - need ideas!
Note to self: start adding a shower to 'to do' list!

Have you ever noticed how much time you can save if you do not shower? I think that I have been pushing that way too much lately and decided that maybe I need to put that on my list so that it actually happens! I had a productive Monday today and pushed though my list and got everything done. And yes, I did get a shower ;.)

Here are some photos of a few things I did today:

I added some outdoor lights ...

I wrapped some metal topiary forms with lights to make Christmas trees and I gave an old rusty bench a new burlap cushion and some lights. 

And I finished the bulletin board I have been working on finally. It was a great bulletin board but the problem was it didn't fit in the client's house any longer. I wanted to relocate it into their daughter's room but it was black and black didn't go. So I painted it and covered the old worn out cork with a light colored burlap. I think it will look perfect!

I hope you had a great Monday!


L said...

I love the added lights to the topiaries turning them into intant Christmas trees! Your outdoor area looks very welcoming. Sounds like you had a very productive day, great way to start off the week.

barb cabot said...

As always you amaze and inspire!

Unknown said...

L - Thanks! I like being productive!!!
Barb -Thank you again! Did you put up your little 'trees' this year?