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Friday, December 17, 2010

Two Christmases

I just finished decorating two houses for Christmas; two very different houses. The interesting thing is that both of these clients asked me to keep it edited - to not use 'everything' and instead select just what I want to use. One actually used the word 'simple'. I love that. I smile as I write this because that is what I do best - simple! But sometimes keeping things edited takes just as much time (and sometimes even more) than putting out a lot of decorations.

In both houses I went through all the decorations they had and selected what I wanted to use and put together a series of vignettes. A few bulbs here and there, some grouped together, and candles. A lot of candles.

This year's Christmas card featured on the front entry piece

In the first house, a more grown up home with married children and one away at college, I used primarily silver and gold and some green. Elegant and sophisticated with just a sprinkling of color. 

In the second house, a lively home filled with young children I used a lot more color. What is great is that the majority of the balls in the house with the young children are all plastic ... but don't they look great?

A colorful display for the front entry piece
A lot of what I can do depends on what ornaments and colors I have to work with when I am decorating for someone else. And while it is obvious that my style will be reflected in what I do, I think it is important to make sure that their personality comes out in the end result. I think that both these houses do just that and I really love the way they both turned out! 


Anonymous said...

Two totally different looks, but I like them both. The first one is so pretty and elegant and the second one is really fun. That vignette with all of the colorful Christmas ornaments just put a smile on my face this morning - I like the mix of color and pattern. Happy weekend...

Robbie said...

I LOVE the way Sherri did my home. I have to pinch myself when I walk in. The beauty of it is I got rid of all the old stuff so I don't have a lot to put away which makes way for a "simple life". Thanks Sherri, you make my home sparkle and still feel like "my home". I got a big "WOW" from my college son returning home. Now that is something!

Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...

Hello, Sherri!

That's so cool to read your client's comment above. That's what make everything make sense, knowing that's what we're doing is making someone appreciate even more their own space.

Bravo, Sherri!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

Prizler Photography said...

I love them both too. The struggle I have is wanting them both! When, Oh, When... will I cross over the line!