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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A good influence

I was looking through old files today and found some photos of a nursery designed for twins. A friend of mine has a daughter who is having twins and I thought it would be fun to share them with her ... and with you! I had forgotten all about these. They were from a model home and I wish I could remember when and where. I'm sure they are at least 5 years old because when I go back and look at a couple of nurseries I designed many years ago I can see the influence of this room in my work.

I remember walking into that room and thinking how fresh and serene it looked. I loved the colors and fell hard for those stripes! I liked that the paint color and the wallpaper did not match and I liked all the little details (the toy boxes at the ends of the cribs!). So sweet. I loved that room so much and it is fun to look back on the photos now and remember that, and even if it is not a room I would love as much today, it still appeals to me.

You can see in the next photos of a couple of nurseries that I designed, that my choices in color and fabrics and even my use of the babies' clothing as an accessory were probably very much a direct influence of the first nursery - even if I didn't realize it at the time. The photos are not very good because until recently I did not photograph my work except to have photos to work off of and so they are very limited both in content (an uncompleted room) and quality. 

Those nurseries are now gone ... they have been turned into grown up kid rooms and it is fun to look back on them and remember. It is also fun to look back on the things that we once loved so much and see how our tastes have changed, how the trends have changed and how those new trends influence us. 
Whether it is intentional or not, what we see influences us and that is why I am enjoying reading design blogs so much (this whole new world I never knew about) - they are such a wealth of inspiration. I love the sharing of ideas and I love to see what everyone else is up to - not to copy but to help inspire my own ideas. I am blown away with the amount of talent and creativity that is out there. The more I am exposed to the better I will be and that will translate ultimately into what my goal is ... a client with a home that they will love to live in for a very long time. 

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Room to Inspire said...

That twin room is wonderful - I wish I would have seen this when my kiddos were little. I love the soothing colors!